Can consumer routers be used for AWS site-to-site VPN?


I am looking at the Customer Gateway Device Requirements here

  • Internet key exchange (IKE) security association. This is required to exchange keys used to establish the IPsec security association.
  • IPsec security association. This handles the tunnel's encryption, authentication, and so on.
  • Tunnel interface. This receives traffic going to and from the tunnel.
  • (Optional) Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering. For devices that use BGP, this exchanges routes between the customer gateway device and the virtual private gateway.

How can I verify if a home router (for example ASUS RT-82U or ASUS TUF-AX5400) would meet the above specifications? The closest related thing I can find in the official specifications is VPN server IPSec.

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I doubt above routers support it.

You are essentially looking for this. Apparently Asus call it Net-To-Net Tunnel.

I would suggest to open a chat/email case to Asus through their website and ask for IKEV1 or IKEV2 Site to Site IPSEC VPN capable device model.

BRT-AC828 Model apparently support it as per above article.

answered a year ago

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