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Receiving some emails but not all emails


I sent an invitation through Quickbooks to a workmail account. I have tested this account from my personal gmail account to ensure it was working as expected. However, Quickbook emails will not get delivered to me. I had this same problem in a previous Workmail account with another vendor and just had them redirect to my personal account. I would really like to figure out how to fix it instead of redirecting vendor emails to my personal account. Any thoughts?

My domain and DNS are external to AWS but as mentioned I am receiving some emails.

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with receiving mail. The issue sound like you have multiple services listed in your MX record. Resulting in some emails going to WorkMail and others to another service.

Please make sure WorkMail is the only service in your MX record and has the highest priority (lowest number).

Kind regards, Robin

answered 21 days ago
  • There is only one mx record

  • Do you have any inbound SES rules that perform other actions than deliver to WorkMail?

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