"EB create" fails to "create load balancer"


I enter the following command in my local terminal:

eb create django-project --vpc.id vpc-000 --vpc.elbsubnets subnet-111,subnet-yyy --vpc.ec2subnets subnet-000,subnet-111 --vpc.securitygroup sg-111

The process outputs:

ERROR Creating load balancer failed Reason: Resource handler returned message: "At least two subnets in two different Availability Zones must be specified (Service: ElasticLoadBalancingV2, Status Code: 400, Request ID: 1c111)" (RequestToken: 2ff3111, HandlerErrorCode: InvalidRequest)

The VPC has 2 subnets in 2 different AZs. No ACLs are blocking the process.

Do I need to create ac2 instances in the specified VPC before inputting the command ? (vpc.ec2subnets) ?

1 Answer

It sounds like subnet-111,subnet-yyy are both in the Same AZ.. I would double check the locations of these subnets

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answered a month ago
  • I couldn't tell the difference between "vpc.ec2subnets" and "vpc.elbsubnets", I created my subnets in different AZs just like the Technical Essentials Tutorial

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