Connect EC2 instance with physical gateway IP address


How to connect my EC2 instance(Microscoft window server 2022 with SQL base standard), with physical gateway IP address. When i try to ping form command line of EC2, ping (my gateway ip) ... it show the request time out. Anyway to connect with my Physical Gateway IP address with EC2?

When I try to ping the ip address of gateway in my laptop, it is working.. But when i try to ping in the EC2 remote desktop, it returns request time out. And when i try to ping, its working. EC2 is successfully connected VPC .

Any solution ??

  • Is the "physical gateway IP address" the public IP address of your home/office router? Do you want to allow access from that public IP address to the SQL Server? One reason you may not be able to ping it is because routers sometimes are configured not to respond to pings.

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Dear Customer, Please advise if your EC2 is in a Private or Public Subnet? You will need to permit the traffic on the Security Group and Network ACL. You will also need to check the OS level firewall of your instance and the routing tables if it allows ping (ICMP) traffice to the Public Gateway

answered a year ago

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