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/aws step functions dynamodb service integration & updating dynamic items/

aws step functions dynamodb service integration & updating dynamic items


I'm working on a step function state machine and can create lambdas in python and node to update an existing item in ddb. However, I can't seem to find any examples with service integrations AND dynamic variables. The only ones I come across have static variable inserts/updates. In my case I am passing in data from an upstream lambda in python (which I am not so experienced with). Seems straightforward but I think my issue is json vs. dynamodb json. Thanks in advance.

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If your issue is with DynamoDB JSON vs JSON, then I suggest that you use the abstract document clients. This allows you to use native JSON which is more easy to understand. You can see Boto3 (Python) Examples here where it updates items using Table Resource

You also mention Node, which you can achieve the same with, examples here and the documentation is here NodeV2 , NodeV3.

Passing dynamic variables to Lambda come in the form of an event object. More info here

Hope that helps your issue.

answered 5 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago

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