Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling based on memory utilization


Does aws auto-scaling support the application that is running on tomcat8 or should we use any other application servers like glassfish or nginx or httpd.

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Autoscaling will use pretty much any CloudWatch Metric that you are providing. As long as you are tracking memory on the instances you're good to go.

Note that you can also use Metric Match to scale on different metrics: for example, if memory and CPU are both over 70% then scale up.

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answered 2 years ago
  • In my case the scaled up server is not supporting the memory of my first server.what could be the reason

  • It sounds like you may have setup the CloudWatch Alarm to look a a metric for a specific instance. When you push the memory metrics to CloudWatch it should be to a single shared metric (for example, one with the dimension "AutoScalingGroupName:<Name>". Also make sure that whatever mechanism you're pushing the metrics with (ex: CWAgent) is automatically installed and configured on the new instances

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