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AWS SSO with an custom application


Hi, I am working on creating an Platform application which is mainly for employees of that organization. Internal in organization, they are using Microsoft AD for authentication purpose. So till now we decided to use AWS Cognito with federated identity.

But they are using AWS SSO also. From some of blogs it seems like we can also utilize that AWS SSO for authentication purpose in our application. Is it the write understanding Please confirm, if so here are some more confusion : -

  1. If we go on AWS SSO approach, do in that we need Cognito pool or not ??
  2. If we go on AWS SSO approach, do that aws sso return some JWT token that we can utilize on API Gateway layer for authenticating all APIs ??

Looking for quick response. If possible please share some relevant blogs/article ?

Regards, Abhishek

1 Answers

There are some pretty detailed examples of SSO application integration here:

More on SSO application enablement here:

When you go this route, you do not need a Cognito pool.

answered 2 months ago

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