My instance is accessible from ipv4 address and public DNS. I want it to be accessible from domain name only.


Hello, I installed WordPress on Amazon AWS (EC2 Instance)

The problem is that my website is accessible from ipv4 address, public DNS and domain name. Like for testing purpose i used

The domain is accessible from

I want the instance only be accessible to public from domain name.


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Sounds like you're running a single WordPress instance with a public IP? The best approach is to make it private and put it behind an AWS load balancer or CloudFront distribution. Probably CloudFront if you're only running one instance. Then your DNS can be an A "Alias" record in Route 53 - a special link to an AWS service that isn't tied to a specific IP address (though of course, being DNS, it will still resolve on the fly to an IP address).

Note a custom origin like this behind CloudFront still requires the instance to have a public IP address but it can be locked down using an AWS-managed prefix list for CloudFront - it opens ingress only to CloudFront IPs so that's the only way people can access your site - through CloudFront.

answered 3 months ago
  • Hi, Thankyou for answering. I really appreciate it. Can you please guide me what should i do first and then further so to achieve it. I am a newbie in AWS . So i will appreciate it if you guide me.


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