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Do I need to create two kinesis delivery streams to send messages under two different paths in the same s3 bucket?


I have a lambda function which receives logs from cloudwatch using a subscription filter and has to send them to firehose to be delivered to an s3 bucket.

The same lambda function receives two kinds of logs. These two log formats need to be written into two different paths under the same s3 destination.

For eg.

1)Log type A should be stored under - /logTypeA directory.

2)Log type B should be stored under - /logTypeB directory.

I am using cdk to create the necessary firehose and s3 setup.

Do I need to create two different delivery streams - one for log type A and one for log type B or is there a way to do this using a single delivery stream ? Didn't find anything useful in the tech docs.

1 Answer

If you have some field whose value you can use to discriminate, you can use dynamic partitioning.

answered 4 months ago

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