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Low throughput on EBS gp3 volume


Hi everyone, I'm having a very low read throughput on a gp3 volume that I'm using. The volume is set to the standard 3000 IOPS and a max throughput of 125MB/s. However, Cloudwatch reports only 60 Ops/s and a read bandwith of 7000 KiB/s (there is no write). What could be the reason for this?

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Here are couple of links to documentation Volume Types and Comparison - RAID Config -

You need to choose right EC2 instance to make use of the entire IOPS supported by the EBS volumes. EC2 instances that support each of the EBS volume types are documented on this page -

As an alternate you can refer to the below documentation to find the maximum IOPS supported by each of the ec2 instance types -

Hope this helps !!

answered 2 months ago
  • I'm using a r4.2xlarge, which, according to the table, has a max throughput of 212.5 MB/s. It was working fine two weeks ago, but since the spot instance has restarted, it slowed significantly. Any idea what that might be?

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