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VPC Peering and DNS resolution of a public Amazon Redshift cluster



I have a following situation: We have a Redshift cluster publicly accessible in our legacy VPC. When we try to connect to it from within a peered VPC we get an issue that it resolves to a PUBLIC IP address and not the private IP address accessible via VPC peering. If I remove the "public" tag and it becomes pure private then it resolves the private IP and it's all fine. What I want is to access the VPC privately.. The route table works - if I manually type the IP of the redshift cluster I can access it - but the DNS is not resolving to the private IP.

Question: How can we change this? Is there a private dns name for the redshift cluster?

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If you want VPC A accesses the private IPv4 addresses of VPC B through VPC peering, you can enable DNS resolution support for a VPC peering connection. After that, you can resolve to the private DNS IP address of redshift


answered 2 years ago

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