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How do I get an AWS customer support against poor AWS "premium" support?


We created many issues on AWS premium supprt, but

  1. the reponse time is super long (more than 2 days)
  2. premiums support does not solve your problem, but they create new troubes for you. They doesn't understand your question first but ask a bunch of questions, ask you to collect a bunch of redundant information for them.
  3. Finally, you got no answer and forgot your issues as time goes by

*Edit: Removed case ID — Roxy M.

asked a month ago38 views
1 Answer


I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a poor experience!

While we cannot discuss account specific info on this platform, I've reached out to our Support team to take a look into this for you. Be sure to keep an eye open for further correspondence on your support case.


— Craig M.

answered a month ago

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