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I am using the sitewise connector for Twinmaker (, which I added to an existing Twinmaker entity. I can see all the properties from the Sitewise entity model showing in the Twinmaker console as properties.

When pushing timeserie data in Sitewise, I can see the values being updated in Sitewise. Here is an example with the PredictionScore field : Enter image description here

Since, I have the sitewise connector attached, shouldn't I see that value in Twinmaker also? Isn't the connector supposed to update / sync that value from sitewise to twinmaker ? Enter image description here

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The latest value is only populated for internal properties. But you can use the Connector Test feature in the Component Details View to test our entity model and component types.

  1. Navigate to the Entity view, choose your Entity, chose the SiteWise component type and choose Actions->View component Details Enter image description here

  2. On the component details page, choose the Test tab, choose a property to query, set a time window and hit Run test

Enter image description here

The query result will be displayed in the result window at the bottom.

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answered 2 years ago

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