Can't Upgrade RDS MySQL 5.6 instance to 5.7 After Failed Attempt


The other day I went to apply the update to 5.7. It failed do to some stuff I missed. The log was:

1) MySQL 5.7 preupgrade check to catch orphan table issues
For the following tables, either the datadir directory or frm file was removed or corrupted.
More Information:

[table_schema, table_name]
DB_NAME, - Check the server logs or examine datadir to determine the issue and correct it before upgrading.

2) The DB instance must have enough space to rebuild the largest table that uses an old temporal data format.
The DB instance must have enough space for the largest table that uses an old temporal data format to rebuild.
More Information:

You must rebuild tables that use an old temporal data format, it might take an extended period of time. - Scale storage so that there is enough space for the largest table that uses an old temporal data format, and make sure the storage type is gp2 or io1, if possible.

3) Check for heavy load or a high number of write operations on instance before upgrade
* History list length
No issues found.
* Insert buffer size
No issues found.

Errors: 1
Warnings: 1
Database Objects Affected: 2
----------------------- END OF LOG ----------------------

That day I did what should have been done. I dropped all the orphan tables. (There was only one) I updated all the tables and data that had the old date format. I then moved the maintenance window to the next morning so it would automatically do it in the maintenance window since, and this is the most annoying part, because I manually applied the recommendation, and it failed, It now shows the recommendation to update as applied, and I can no longer just click apply in the console.

Anyways. It didn't update the next morning. The compatibility log last written is still from the first time I ran it manually. There has been no update to it. I then changed the maintenance window again to the next morning. (this morning. 15th of March) Got to work this morning and checked it. Still hasn't been updated. By the looks of the log, it hasn't even been attempted again.

That being said. I did check a few more things and realized I had forgotten about storage space. (I know it says it in the log. Lol) I only had 18GB left so I just upped that now so there is enough space for the rebuild. I again have changed the maintenance window to tomorrow morning so hopefully, it will update. Not super hopeful since the logs haven't been touched all the other times.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can manually update it if it doesn't work again? Or how I can get the recommendation back so I can use it?

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1 Answer

You can check the pending maintenance action by logging on to your AWS console, select your database, navigate to Maintenance & backups tab, and check the pending modifications column to see if there is engine upgrade scheduled in your case. Enter image description here

If you find anything under pending modifications column, then it will be applied during the maintenance window. If there are no pending modifications available, you can go to your database instance on AWS console, click on modify and change DB engine version to the target engine version which you want to upgrade to. Once you have reviewed all the options on the page, click Continue and select "Apply during the next scheduled maintenance window" on the next page. This action will be applied in the next maintenance window.

answered 10 days ago

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