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/Why i am getting CustomerEndpoint.Address as "anonymous" in amazon connect?/

Why i am getting CustomerEndpoint.Address as "anonymous" in amazon connect?


I am using amazon connect streams to build my application most of the times it works fine but there are some cases when i got the phone number as "Anonymous". I don't why this is happening!

Any idea??

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Thanks for reaching out. There are certain methods where customers can hide their phone number when making outbound calls e.g. to Amazon Connect.

As an engineer based on Australia, I followed the steps here in this page under "Change your caller ID on an iPhone" and I can confirm that my calls to Amazon Connect now show the "Customer phone number" as "anonymous". Similar methods will exist for other carriers in other countries. There will most likely be other methods as well.

A call will go through other intermediary carriers before arriving at Amazon Connect. If the customer phone number has been masked or is not sent to Amazon Connect then we will see this situation where the caller is marked as "anonymous".

answered a month ago

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