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Can metric filter stats between different AWS regions be aggregated?


I have created a Cloudwatch Metric Filter for response latency We have regions in us-west-2 and us-east-2 and I have put separate Metric filters in each region's different Cloudwatch Log groups.

I want to be able to query and add all response latencies between both regions so I can calculate aggregate values like Averages.

How can I do this? Log Insights can't see different region Log Groups so I can't directly use this. I heard Metric Math may be able to. Is there a way?

1 Answer

You are looking for AWS CloudWatch Cross-account cross-Region dashboards ( You need to enable the option first in CloudWatch settings, and then you will see the option to choose Account Id/Region in Metrics dashboard.

After adding different metrics, use CloudWatch math to aggregate values, ex: AVG, SUM.

answered 6 months ago
  • Thanks. But the metrics are all "separate". You can choose for instance to "see" us-west-2 or us-east-2. But you can't combine them into one statistic (aggregate). Furthermore, you can't do this in Log Insight and choose two Log groups from two different regions so you can apply some queries to both to get aggregrate values --- like averages of two regions. I was wondering if you have been able to combine metrics from two regions into an average by a different means?

  • After adding both metrics, use CloudWatch math you can use many functions available like AVG, SUM. Regarding log insights, i believe this feature is still not available, and you will need to aggregate the data for ex in S3 and use other services to search.

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