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Billing for cross-account VPC peering


Assuming I have 2 accounts in the same region and have set up cross-account VPC peering. According to, when you go through a peering connection, you pay inter-AZ rates for each GB transferred in/out.

My question is: do both accounts pay for the data in AND out, or does each pay only for their data out, or is there some other method? I can't find this clearly documented anywhere.

asked 3 years ago71 views
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Accepted Answer

From , VPC Peering connections in the same AWS Region is charged at $0.01/GB in each direction. That said, each account pays it's own share:

(Account A) VPC 1 --- VPC Peering --- VPC 2 (Account B)

In above example, when data is transferred from VPC 1 in account A to VPC 2 in account B in same region, account A will pay $0.01/GB OUT and Account B will pay $0.01/GB IN

answered 3 years ago

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