AWS Redshift Serverless execute Python script to API Call within a function/stored procedure to be query scheduled



Setting up a zero code ETL environment using Redshift mostly I will be setting up Scheduler to ingest data from FDW RDS but for API I would like a SP/Function to execute Python scripts that do an API call and write a destination to the redshift table that can be query editor v2 scheduled?

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To set up a zero code ETL environment to ingest data from an API into Redshift using Lambda, here is what you can do: -Create a Lambda function using Python runtime. The function code should make an API call, parse the response and insert the data into a Redshift table. -Grant the Lambda execution role permissions to call the API, insert into Redshift and any other dependent services. -Create an API Gateway REST API and integrate it with the Lambda function using Lambda proxy integration. -Configure the API Gateway stage for public access. -Schedule the API Gateway endpoint URL using EventBridge or CloudWatch Events to trigger the Lambda function on a periodic basis.

This allows ingesting API data into Redshift in a serverless manner without having to write any ETL code. The API Gateway endpoint acts as the trigger that executes the Lambda function which fetches data and loads it into Redshift.

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answered 24 days ago

Thank You for assisting.

Can you kindly provide links/example to follow the setup?

answered 24 days ago

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