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How can I create a friends list with GameLift?


Hey, How can I implement a friends list in GameLift? I am still a beginner in GameLift. Currently I have built my own server and client on which my game is already running, but the individual clients only communicate with each other when the game session is started and only these clients can communicate with each other via the server. For a friends list, however, all players in the region must be able to communicate with each other, so that they receive invitations and more.

How can I implement this?

I am grateful for any help!

asked a year ago17 views
1 Answers

GameLift doesn't have a notion of client -> client communication, it 'enables' some of this by bringing a group of players to a common server and the server can then facilitate chat between the connected players.

You'd probably need to look at some form of:

  • Player/Identity management: Players are registered when then first come into your game. Tracks which client is which identity (and links identities you use to some common based identity)
  • Presence: Tracks if players are active/online.
  • Notification/Communicator: Allows direct client->client communication (can route messages between clients as required). Handles notifications, receipts, invites.

Its a lot to build.

Theres a lot of examples of pieces of this, ie Presence ( but you really need to know your requirements and have a good design first.

answered a year ago

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