svl_stored_proc_messages not accessible in AWS Redshift Serverless


Hi, I was using the svl_stored_proc_messages object in RA3 provisioned cluster environment. We recently moved to server less environment. But this object is not accessible and giving the following error. But I am using super user. ERROR: permission denied for relation svl_stored_proc_messages [ErrorId: 1-65a63f47-7e0368ac06da55740f07baa0] is any one facing same issue or any limitations on server less cluster. I don't see any such limitations in documentation.

Appreciate any thoughts here please. Thanks.

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For Redshift Serverless, you should use

Please refer this page for mapping between provisioned cluster views and Redshift serverless views.

answered 2 months ago
  • Thanks Satesh. It greatly helped.

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