Change Rule Priority in AWS WAF Security Automation


While I deploy AWS WAF Security Automation, following is rule priority as I remove SQL injection.

APIWafSecurityAutomationWhitelistRule	Allow	1	-

APIWafSecurityAutomationBlacklistRule	Block	2	-

APIWafSecurityAutomationHttpFloodRateBasedRule	Block	4	-

APIWafSecurityAutomationScannersAndProbesRule	Block	5	-

How to change priority in the list so that ScannersAndProbesRule comes before HTTP Flood rate based rule? I don't see option to rearrange the priority order?

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When you finish editing a rule in a Web ACL you will be directed to the reordering page. You can pick any, click edit, and save. You will then be able to reorder to rules to your requirements.

answered 2 years ago
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