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/HIVE_UNKNOWN_ERROR: Error creating an instance of com.facebook.presto.hive.lakeformation.CachingLakeFormationCredentialsProvider/

HIVE_UNKNOWN_ERROR: Error creating an instance of com.facebook.presto.hive.lakeformation.CachingLakeFormationCredentialsProvider


After running a simple select query in Athena, I get an error - HIVE_UNKNOWN_ERROR: Error creating an instance of com.facebook.presto.hive.lakeformation.CachingLakeFormationCredentialsProvider. Athena query is supposed to run agains a LF database within the same S3 bucket (data source and query destination are split into two folders inside the bucket). Any idea what could be the issue?

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could you confirm that your database , table or columns names respect the limitations indicated in the documentation?

The only acceptable characters for database names, table names, and column names are lowercase letters, numbers, and the underscore character.

I have seen the error you mention in case this is not followed. as also mentioned in this stackoverflow question.

If you do not have this situation, could you, please, share some additional details on your table?

hope this helps, Fabrizio

answered a month ago

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