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Instance unavailable, does not respond


Dear all,

While uploading an image on a wordpress website hosted on a Debian EC2 instance (i-0145c3de03e838a63), the page froze.

The instance:

  • become unreachable via SSH
  • no response to ping (ICMP enabled in Security Group inboud rules)
  • nothing on logs to specify
  • screenshot of instance simply shows login screen (but again, not reachable via SSH)
  • no positive results after stopping and starting the instance (sevaral times stopped and started)
  • Hard Drive space is at 22% usage (just to exclude possible over-usage of root partition)
  • I have upgrade instance type to exclude possible other factors.

I am now at a dead end as I have no idea how to recover this. Any help is highly appreciated :-)

UPDATE: If I create a NEW instance (I am planning a full restore), the original instance starts working....... Makes no sense to me....... Can someone explain this please?


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