Instance scheduled for maintenance requires to be retired on 2023-05-10


Hello, I received an email from AWS stating that one of my instances in us-east-1 region is scheduled for maintenance that requires the instance to be retired on 2023-05-10 (10:00 UTC). The email "*What do I need to do?" section recommend that I stop and start the instance at any time before the retirement date and this will migrate the instance to a new host.

What I'm not clear is do I need to rebuild a new instance using a current instance type, or just a Stop & Start on my current c3.8xlarge instance? Will the stop & start keep my same instance type?

Thank you for the clarifications.

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I am not sure how critical is your instance (Whether its for production or some small PoC). Please go through AWS documentation for same and raised a support ticket for any doubt if its for some critical workload.

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Despite being already expired, based on the documentation, stopping and restarting your current c3.8xlarge instance before the scheduled retirement date of 2023-05-10 would have been sufficient. This would migrate your instance to a new host without requiring you to rebuild the instance.

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answered 3 months ago

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