*-in-backup-plan vs *-resources-protected-by-backup plan managed config rules


What is the difference between the *-in-backup-plan and *-resources-protected-by-backup-plan managed config rules

There are variants like this for several resource types.

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Hi, Good question

As per the documentation links provided in the question

  • rds-in-backup-plan seems to be for the RDS database, so in other words DB backup
  • rds-resources-protected-by-backup-plan is for the instances where the RDS is hosted, so in other words OS backup.

The difference seems to be in the Parameters of rds-resources-protected-by-backup-plan


resourceTags (Optional)
Type: String
Tags for Amazon RDS instances for the rule to check, in JSON format.

resourceId (Optional)
Type: String
ID of Amazon RDS instance for the rule to check.
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answered 2 years ago

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