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/How to achieve multiple Graphql endpoints/

How to achieve multiple Graphql endpoints


Using amplify add api, I created a Graphql-based api endpoint to retrieve a list of entities from a DynamoDb table. Now I want to retrieve a list of a second entity type from a different DynamoDb table. Given that I cannot create a second Graphql api using amplify add api or amplify update api, how am I supposed to retrieve a second entity type? Am I supposed to manually add to the schema.json file, the schema.graphql file, and the backend-config.json file? Please advise. Thanks.

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1 Answers

You can log to the AppSync console in the AWS management console and use the wizards that are available there such as the "Create Resources" button on the Schema Page. The interface of the web console allows defining resolvers, running queries, and other options to configure your GraphQL schema and backend.

Or you can modify the Schema manually and locally in your Amplify files if you are familiar with the syntax of GraphQL and with the structure of the mapping templates.

answered 2 months ago

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