What can I do about lambda concurrency being set to 10 in new accounts even though default is 1000?


Hi all. It appears that AWS recently made some changes, where new accounts have their reserved lambda concurrency max set to a MUCH lower value than the previous default of 1,000. I am currently getting 10 every time I create a new sub-account in my organization. This is a problem because I am 1) creating a new account for every customer and 2) am using 100% lambdas for my compute architecture.

I've talked to support and basically was told "this is how it works now". Does anyone have a suggested workaround for this?

Note: I previously had my site set up to do 100% of onboarding automatically, without me touching anything. I'd really like to maintain that level of no-touch onboarding.

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Please, have a read of this article: it is exactly about your use case and provides solution.




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answered 9 months ago
  • Thanks for sending this over. Unfortunately it's less of a solution, and more an example of why the AWS changes are devastating for my company. From the article:

    Another odd layer of this experience is that my first quote increase request wasn't met with a quick, "of course we can" kind of response. It apparently had to be escalated, and it took well over a day to resolve.

    When I start to scale, I'm not going to be able to look through each of 100 accounts and keep track of which ones have had their limit increases approved. Further, I was previously able to automatically onboard customers in 20 minutes, and now it might take days. Since my entire business model is based around me being able to automate things, the changes in default concurrency are massively harmful to my onboarding process.

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