ELB ‘Create*' API: Filter out policies and change


We have received an email from AWS regarding AWS IAM policy on Elastic Load Balancing and We use AWS Load balancer controller with EKS which is configured with the help of below document:


Now we are unable to detect the specific policies affected by the change and need help to identify and fix them

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If you received this notification from AWS, this means that you have resources that could potentially be impacted by this change. You should have received the same notification in your AWS Health Dashboard. Open your AWS Health Dashboard using the same account that received the email notification and look for this notification under the "Event log" tab. You can also use the direct link to Health Dashboard that you have at the end of the email notification. Click on the event in Health Dashboard and select the "Affected Resources" tab to list your affected resources.

You should repeat the above for all your affected AWS accounts. If you use AWS Orgnizations, you have an Organizational view of your Health Dashboard aggregating your notifications across your Organization.

answered a year ago

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