How to group IAM policies/roles?


I need 3 AWS IAM roles, one per environment. All of these roles have a few common policies, plus one custom per-environment policy. Is there a smart way to configure it (like group or hierarchy) instead of using this:

  • Role1=Policy1+Policy2+Policy3+CustomPolicy1
  • Role2=Policy1+Policy2+Policy3+CustomPolicy2
  • Role3=Policy1+Policy2+Policy3+CustomPolicy3 I.e. is there a way to group (Policy1+Policy2+Policy3)?

TIA, Vitaly

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Hello Vitaly,

You can merge the Policy1+Policy2+Policy3 to a single larger policy. The larger policy needs to be deployed in all the environment along with the custom policy. However, Please keep in mind the complexity after merge as it can become an overhead later if need to troubleshoot any issues.

Thanks, Gautam

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answered a year ago
  • Gautam, thank you! But agree with you - it's not elegant.

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