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I'll try to revive this post ( from ex aws forum. A big update for aws Opsworks Stacks was scheduled around end 2021, including new version of chef and support for ubuntu 20.04.

Do you have any update, list of expecations, message of hope to transmit. I believe that a lot of company are waiting this for a long time now and we need some visibility to be able move on.

Best regards Quentin

  • +1 I too would like an update on this.

  • Me too! Would be great to get an update!

  • +1 - We really need an update on OpsWorks Stacks. Is an update coming or do we need to migrate to another solution?

  • Certainly is feeling like a dead product these days...

  • Going to comment again to keep this post around. Still seems like a dead product. Might as well skip ahead to 22.04, but I have my doubts that any update will ever appear.

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Hi Dorra,

thanks for your answer, that's a great news. I tried to send you a private message but I could not find any way to do that. Anyway I think many people would be very pleased to have updates about Stack. Are you able to give us an ETA for those major changes.

Regards, Quentin

answered 2 years ago

We recently got a notification that the "Ubuntu 18.04" images provided in OpsWorks are being deprecated soon (end of July 2022) due to being created over 2 years ago (e.g. "ami-095192256fe1477ad" in us-east-1).

Do you have any updates on this matter?

answered 2 years ago

Hi QuentinD-Capsens, thank you for sharing your concern. Supporting new OS and Chef versions is in our current timeline. if you want to have more updates regarding OpsWorks stacks, please feel free to contact me privately.

answered 2 years ago
  • Hey Dorra, This is great news. I can't see how to message you directly.

    I see a number of people have followed questions about OpsWorks stacks and a timeline had previously been shared. Can you please share an ETA or provide a method for us to reach you directly?

    Thanks, Joe

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