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Custom domain in Lightsail container service is not working


I have created a new lightsail container service. Pushed the image, and created a deployment.

It has given me a public domail url, this is working fine.

I am trying to assign a custom domain. For this, under the custom domains tab I have created a new certificate for API.MYDOMAINHERE.COM. It asked me to verify that I am the owner of the domain by entering the CNAME record name and value, which I have done in my account. After about 2 hours I can now see that the certificate validation completed and then I attached the certificate. The certificate status is showing as valid, in use.

At the top of the screen, below the public domain url, I can now see the custom domain url: API.MYDOMAINHERE.COM

However, when I open the url in browser it says that: This site can’t be reached

The public domain url that it provided by default ( works fine.

What could be the issue?

asked 7 months ago96 views
2 Answers
Accepted Answer

I had not configured the CNAME pointing the public address to the custom domain. Once I configured that, it worked.

answered 7 months ago

Please check your HTTPs vs HTTP. Check which port you are using. If you are using HTTPS you will need to have that certificate also uploaded into AWS ACM most likely.

Further reading if HTTPS custom domain:

answered 7 months ago

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