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Secured ISP to Lambda?


Hi, I was wanting to "securely" stream data from a rack i have in an ISP to my AWS Lambda instance. I was wondering what the best solution might be? I thought of something sort of vpn and perhaps kinesis to lambda but not sure how i would initiate that from the on premises rack and that was a shot in the dark. Would appreciate any input. Thank you.

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What types of data do you want to stream?

In either case, there are different options. As you did mention stream then Kinesis Data Streams seems like an appropriate solution. The client (application running in the ISP) will need to send the data into Kinesis. For that you will need to give it AWS credentials that will allow it to write ti the stream. Another option is to send the data to API GW that will place it into Kinesis Data Streams. Your client will also need some credentials to auth with API GW.

answered 20 days ago

The answer will really depend on the type of data, the amount of data and if you want to have it streamed continuously. If you wanted to go the Kinesis route, then you can send via various methods

The uploading and downloading of data to and from Kinesis is dine via SSL/TLS. You can also see the Security details here:

answered 20 days ago

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