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Changing Workspace AD from SimpleAD to AWS Managed AD


A customer wants to switch Workspace + SimpleAD to Workspace + AWS Managed AD. Is there a way for them to do it without rebuild the existing Workspace?

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The direct answer is, no it's not possible to 'migrate' a WorkSpace from one Directory to another Directory. You will have to create a new WorkSpace for each user on the new Directory.

Depending on the customer, their use case and their deployment size I've got some suggestions here:-

For a handful of WorkSpaces you could look at cutting a custom "image". The default limit for the number of images a customer can have is 40 Images per Region. And then launch a new WorkSpace for the user based on the image. There are some things that wont follow the user though, but it's a good option for a small number:

For a larger number of WorkSpaces the best approach is to look at a 'user' migration where you can either self enable the user to migrate between their old and new WorkSpace (perhaps a Windows SMB file share on EC2 or even FSx) or a more orchestrated migration approach using Windows Roaming Profiles (sync to that file share) or a Profile Migration solution such as LiquidWare ProfileUnity:

I hope this helps you and your customer here!

answered 2 years ago

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