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I have a file with two mono channels, when transcoding I want to output a file with a mix of both channels into a single stereo pair.

I've tried setting Audio Selectors, Audio Selector Groups, Remixing values both on input and output and can't seem to find the correct combination or the correct information.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Though the setup process isn't necessarily intuitive, this is a pretty common workflow and I think we should be able to get it working for you.

Under Input 1, create an Audio Selector
For Type, select Track
In the Track field, enter: 1,2
(Leave the rest of the audio selector settings at default settings

Then, in the output, select the audio track
Under Audio Source, select Audio Selector 1
Under Coding Mode, select 2.0 - L,R (Stereo)

By default, this will map Track 1 on the input to the Left channel of the output, and Track 2 of the input to the Right channel of the output.

Here's some documentation that should help --
More about Audio Tracks and Audio Selectors: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/mediaconvert/latest/ug/more-about-audio-tracks-selectors.html

Let me know if that helps, if you run into any issues, or if you have any follow questions. Thanks!

answered 4 years ago

Thank you very much.
Had tried adding tracks as 1,2 but did not leave settings alone so couldn't get the result I wanted.
Now it worked!

answered 4 years ago

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