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There is nothing on my RDS databases but i keep getting charged for RDS usage


I want to terminate all services that im using. I have deleted some of it but there is still something that keeps me charging. It foresees that i will be charged for another 5,81 dollars and says there is 7 services that i am currently using but i cant find those. Can anybody help me about that?

2 Answers

Please try navigating to the Account Activity page in Billing and Cost Management console using the steps outlined in On the Bills page, select the month from the Date list and view the summary and details of your charges for that month.

After the RDS DB instance is terminated, backup storage is billed at $0.095 per GiB-month - It is possible you still have your RDS DB snapshots which could attribute to the charge you are seeing.

answered 6 months ago

The RDS might be active in a different region to which you are on. You should be able to see that under cost center.

answered 6 months ago
  • I know that but im only on the EU(Frankfurt) region and the bills only shows Frankfurt too.

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