Error while importing data from s3 to Aurora Postgres RDS


I am using below command to load data from s3 to postgresql database. SELECT aws_s3.table_import_from_s3 ( 'delta.t_etails', '', '(FORMAT csv, HEADER true, DELIMITER '','', QUOTE ''~'', ENCODING ''UTF8'')', aws_commons.create_s3_uri( 'dbkt1-itaaaaa', 'aample_1.csv', 'us-east-1' ) );

Error: ERROR: Unable to validate pre-signed URL. Error: HTTP 404. Requested file does not exist. CONTEXT: SQL function "table_import_from_s3" statement 1

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1 Answer

404 error code is not found.

Ensure file and bucket name is correct and the correct bucket policy is in place too

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answered 10 months ago
  • What is the bucket policy required? Can you pls share details?

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