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I started using gamelift matchmaking with gamelift fleets for custom server builds, And i have major issue which i can't wrap my head around. Right now i have couple of setups which both have same issue "i think",

Both setups have one thing in common which is matchmaking rule set, config and queue which all on us-east-1 "as it's the only region available to me to make those features on".

First setup, I have a gamelift fleet on us-east-1 works perfect with matchmaking and queue but for my current location us server has too much delay so i added couple of other locations to the fleet, ap-south-1 and me-south-1 "which both have way better ping/delay than us", but trying to get in the queue for matchmaking it still deploys only on us-east-1 every single time. Even when i scale us-east-1 down to 0 the matchmaking ticket gets stuck in "PLACING" status which means it still tries to find server or fleet instance not active.

Second setup, the same matchmaking as the first one but what is different is the fleet is deployed on ap-south-1 and the queue target fleet set to that south-1, trying to place a ticket into queue will result on the same issue which gets stuck in placing and never find or deploys the server.

I can't place matchmaking related stuff anywhere i deployed my fleets on "all the available options for me will result in the same delay as us-east-1"

Please let me know how if i missed some option to enable dynamic instance deployment or i did something wrong with my setups.

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Update, i tried an eu region "eu-west-1" for everything "rule set, config and queue" along with the fleet and build but still the ticket stuck in placing, so currently only us-east-1 region is working for me.

answered 3 years ago

Hello James, Thanks for your reply.

  1. I have already dummy latencies for test purposes and its low "60 ms", which means it will have no issue to connect to any fleet. Still, if I removed all fleets and left the one I want, it won't work and no instances will be created at all.
  2. In my queue, I have the regions and fleet added in destinations "I tried removing all fleets except the one I want to", but if the us-east-1 fleet not there It won't, it won't create any instance and the tickets will get timed out.
  3. I tried that too, I wrote a lambda function that creates game sessions and worked fine and instances created.
answered 3 years ago

Hey Hassan,

Could you verify a few things for us?

  1. The best practice is that that you should be passing in player latencies for all the fleet locations. If not, then GameLift uses a very high value (1000) as the default latency for the location, and it may be filtered out if you have a player latency policy on your queue. If you have a player latency policy on the queue, try removing that first, or specify a dummy latency for all of your locations.
  2. Check your queue's filterConfiguration ( to see if you allowed only placement on us-east-1? (If FilterConfiguration is not configured then by default it should allow all locations)
  3. Try manually calling CreateGameSession to see if you can create a game session in locations besides us-west-2? Part of what makes a Matchmaking ticket successful is that a game session is successfully created.
answered 3 years ago

For #2, could you check if your queue has a filter configuration? If not, then please give us the following information to help us verify if there is an issue in the backend:

  1. Queue name
  2. Region of the queue
  3. Approximate time when you last tried to place a game session on the queue and faced the timeout issue
answered 3 years ago

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