Failed to create Security Group when prompting 'The maximum number of rules per security group has been reached.'


I had attempted to create a security group in my VPC. However, it continually prompting that 'The maximum number of rules per security group has been reached.', even I only added ONE inbound rule. Have anyone found the same experience and your workaround?

Failed to create security group

More update:

  1. If I added the rules with a specify IPv4 CIDER in 'source', it could be created;
  2. If I added the rules with a managed prefix list in 'source', it will reproduce the issue.
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I finally dig out the root cause. When I created the Managed Prefix List, I configured the max size of the Prefix List as 64. When I added the inbound rule, I use that prefix list as source, then it failed to created the SG as the default limited is 60 rules per SG.

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Hi, If you're receiving the error message "The maximum number of rules per security group has been reached" even after adding only one inbound rule, there are a few potential reasons for this:

1)Total Rules Limit: Each security group has a limit on the total number of inbound and outbound rules that can be added. If your security group already has the maximum number of rules allowed, you won't be able to add any additional rules, even if you're only adding one rule.

2) Combination of Inbound and Outbound Rules: Remember that both inbound and outbound rules count towards the total number of rules allowed for a security group. If your security group already has a significant number of outbound rules, adding even one inbound rule could exceed the total rules limit.

  1. Security Group Quotas: AWS imposes quotas on the number of security groups and rules per security group that you can create within your account. If you've reached these quotas, you won't be able to create additional security groups or add more rules to existing security groups.

To resolve this issue, you can consider the following steps:

. Review your existing security group configuration and identify any redundant or unnecessary rules. Removing unused rules can free up space for adding new rules. . If possible, consolidate rules by combining similar rules into a smaller number of broader rules. This can help reduce the overall number of rules in your security groups. .Check your account's quotas for security groups and rules to ensure that you haven't reached the maximum limits. If necessary, you can request a quota increase from AWS Support. .If you have multiple security groups with similar rules, consider merging them into a single security group to simplify management and reduce the total number of rules.

By optimizing your security group configuration and managing your resources efficiently, you should be able to resolve the issue of reaching the maximum number of rules per security group.

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