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Windows Custom AMI


Hi all, I have created a Windows10 Custom AMI to run high-end graphic gaming and Content Creation purposes to use g4 instances on EC2. I want to know if this will work without any problem as I have not tested it yet, although I have installed Nvidia Graphic drivers on it.. It seems to be running fine but I just wanted some expert advice. Please share some AWS documentation to support your thought.

Regards Gopal Thakur

1 Answers

Hi Gopal, My name is George

I understand you have created a custom AMI and launched a G4 instance which you intend to use for gaming and would like confirmation if it would work without issues. Based on our documentation the G4 instance family could be used for gaming purposes, please refer to the following documentation.

if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out at anytime.

answered a month ago

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