Is there documentation around which Trusted Advisor Checks are not able to be excluded?


I am seeing behavior in the TA console where some check resource results are able to be selected, however selecting them does not enable the Exclude & Refresh button. While checking with the AWS CLI it appears that some checks might not be able to refreshed. Does this mean they also can't be excluded? Is there a way to exclude checks without refresh?

aws support refresh-trusted-advisor-check --check-id L4dfs2Q4C5 --region us-east-1

An error occurred (InvalidParameterValueException) when calling the RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheck operation: Check L4dfs2Q4C5 is not refreshable
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If you reference this Trusted Advisor documentation, and search within the page for "refresh requests are not allowed", you'll see which checks are flagged as such. To date, there are 9:

  • AWS Lambda Functions with Excessive Timeouts
  • AWS Lambda Functions with High Error Rates
  • Amazon EBS Public Snapshots
  • Amazon RDS Public Snapshots
  • AWS Lambda Functions Using Deprecated Runtimes
  • AWS Direct Connect Connection Redundancy
  • AWS Direct Connect Location Redundancy
  • AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interface Redundancy
  • AWS Lambda VPC-enabled Functions without Multi-AZ Redundancy
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  • "IAM Access Key Rotation" check is not in the list of "refresh requests not allowed" as per the documentation. Still not able to exclude resources from the check


It is currently not possible to exclude items if they not refreshable.

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The reason for this behaviour is that the refresh interval for some of the checks is fixed (hard coded). It happens on a set schedule by default. Please refer: for a detailed list of TA checks.

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