Get Connect audio from Kinesis video stream = UnsupportedStreamMediaType



I'm using Amazon CONNECT service and I need to record the whole audio, including when the caller is talking with a LEX bot.
Therefore I've enabled streaming, inserted the start stream block, and I'm properly get 1 stream in Kinesis Video Streams per call.

BUT from here
I cannot figure out HOW to get the record back to me in a file neither at least being able to PLAY them remotely:

  • the online AWS media playback falls in an "Unexpected error - The type of the media is not supported or could not be determined from the media codec ids: (track 1: A_AAC), (track 2: A_AAC)"

  • through API / CLI with GetClip, I'm properly using the syntax but it falls in the same error:
    << An error occurred (UnsupportedStreamMediaTypeException) when calling the GetClip operation: The type of the media is not supported or could not be determined from the media codec ids: (track 1: A_AAC), (track 2: A_AAC).>>

aws kinesis-video-archived-media get-clip --stream-name <name of the stream> --clip-fragment-selector FragmentSelectorType="SERVER_TIMESTAMP",TimestampRange={StartTimestamp=2020-09-02T23:44:12_0200,EndTimestamp=2020-09-02T23:45:00_0200} --endpoint-url <the endpoint retrieved from get-data-endpoint for GetClip API> <filename>

I've also tried the GetMedia API (with CLI aws kinesis-video-media get-media + proper parameters), I retrieve a file containing the list of the chunk... but I don't know how to read the audio from it (even VLC failed, and it's normal since it contains data attributes...).

To me actually, the Amazon Connect stream recording service is totally unusable.
Thanks for your help and support, every help and advice are welcome.


  • Hi did you get this to work? I am trying to make this work, but I do not know Java and the parser library is not helpful to understand how to build or what the code is doing from Java to python.

  • hey, same question here how did it go? I am in the same situation

  • Even using GetHLSStreamingSessionURL does not work and gives unsupported format error. It will be really great if AWS services play nice among each other.

    I would really like to use this solution in pyhton.

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2 Answers

hi Stephene,

We are trying to achieve the same functionality, we have been recommended to use Java Parsing Library

answered 4 years ago
  • How did it go implementing this library?


Thanks you!

answered 4 years ago

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