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Restoring Redshift Cluster from Snapshot fails. You do not have access to node type.



We have a Redshift Cluster ds2.xlarge running on us-east-1, that have KMS encryption in place.

We're aiming to create a clone of it for testing a node upgrade using the console.

To do so, we created a manual snapshot. For the next step, we're selecting the snapshot and "Restore to provisioned cluster".

In the configuration screen, assigning a new name to cluster identifier and keeping all other parameters the same. That is:

  • Node type: ds2.xlarge (all other options grayed out)
  • Number of nodes: 1 (Only allows 1)
  • Database name & port: Same as original cluster
  • Cluster Permissions: Associating same IAM roles as original cluster
  • Additional Configurations: Using default VPC, subnet and Security Group and Configuration (Same as original cluster)

Upon selecting the above "Restore cluster from snapshot" throws the following error:

You do not have access to node type ds2.xlarge. Choose another node type

We're using the same admin account both for KMS and the Redshift Cluster.

Wondering if the issue could be using the same VPC, encryption or something else?


1 Answer

Figured creating nodes of DS2 is no longer allowed in efforts to encouraging adoption of newer node types such as RA3. Hence, I could not create the instance earlier. A more explicit error message would clarify this confusion. Also, as a side effect snapshots of legacy type clusters become useless.

answered 2 months ago

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