"componentName" is empty value in resposne of IoT TwinMaker and Grafana integration



I'm trying to use IoT TwinMaker and grafana following user guide. I was organized component type, entity and entity-component and I use lambda function. I think my lambda function is normal.

But "componentName" is empty value in grafana response.

[Component Type]

I was register "com.example.timestream-telemetry" and "com.example.cookiefactory.alarm". with my lambda function.


I add "Mixer_2" and "AlarmComponent" Enter image description here


I entered it according to the settings below. Enter image description here

[My lambda response]

    "propertyValues": [
            "entityPropertyReference": {
                "entityId": "Mixer_2_06ac63c4-d68d-4723-891a-8e758f8456ef",
                "componentName": "AlarmComponent",
                "propertyName": "alarm_status"
            "values": [
                    "time": "2022-09-28T11:25:00Z",
                    "value": {
                        "stringValue": "ACTIVE"


"componentName" is empty value in my grafana response.

Enter image description here

What the wrong?

How can I solve this problem?

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