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I am trying to use aws backup to backup efs. In case that the client restore a backup I need to re-send the restoration files. I tried backing up in a new efs and then send to S3 using datasync with no success because the restored efs backup have no mount targets. If I restore in the same efs, how can I access only the backup files to send to S3 and then delete them from the efs?. Is there a better way to achieve this?

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Keep in mind that when restoring Amazon EFS file systems using AWS Backup, the backup files can be restored to one of two locations: either a directory in the source file system; or a new file system. If you restore to a directory in the source file system, you can leverage the existing mount targets of your source file system for AWS DataSync to access your restored files. If you restore to a new file system, you will have to create at least one mount target for the new file system in order for AWS DataSync to access the restored data.

answered a year ago
  • Thanks for the answer. If I choose to backup in the same EFS, how can I access the backup files?, do I need to create and EC2 to access them or can I do it directly in EFS using some API?


I'm not clear on your use case, but it appears you wish to send only restored EFS files to S3. You can restore individual files. See, specifically "Item-level Restore."

It would still require verification that the file is located on S3 of the proper version before deleting it on the local EFS file system, so I would recommend using a workflow, like AWS Step Functions to execute your process.

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answered a year ago

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