Best Practices for using Dedicated Direct connect with Multiple environments.


We are considering 10G Dedicated Direct connection that should support multiple environments

  1. AWS Multiple VPCs in Multiple accounts,
  2. VMC on AWS (VMware managed accounts and AWS managed accounts with S3, EFS, AWS Back up and FSx etc. ,
  3. SAP with RISE.

What is the best practice to manage (Public, Private and Transit for VMware TGW) VIFs, DX Gateways, Virtual Private Gateways and any other components in this scenario.

We are Considering Transit Gateway for inter-VPC connections to avoid data processing charges for migration that this DX will be used primarily.

What are the important factors that we need to check before finalizing Dedicated Direct connect.

Ruled out Hosted as it provides only 1 Public / Private / Transit and we might have to take multiple Hosted connections to address this specific requirements.

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As a best practice

1- You should have at least two connections at two different Direct Connect locations for maximum redundancy.

2- Your router at on prem should have 10Gig capabilities.

3- During initial migration for data between VPC. I will create VPC Peering instead of passing by TGW as TGW is expensive and VPC peering is free as a service.

4- If you are expecting huge data transfer from On Premises to AWS. Then I will use combination of transit VIF and Private Vif. Private VIF will bypass TGW for traffic to onpremises and again save cost.

See this trick design is to avoid extra TGW processing cost by not involving it in AWS to on prem path. So you can us it temporary during migration, or mix and match it.

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  • To implement Point 4 do we have a Guide or Reference architecture.? Also, I Think we will have challenges when we are considering VPN as Back up to Direct connect.


Also, you can take a look at Architecture References with AWS Cloud (also with SAP with Rise) + VMware Cloud on AWS, slide 4:

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  • Thanks, yes, we looked at this architecture. however, we are looking at alternatives to Transit gateway at least for migration (On-prem to All the environments - AWS native, SAP RISE & VMC)) to save the cost on TGW Data processing as Migration will come with Large Data volumes. So, evaluating if we can use Multiple VIF's to respective environments for migration only and Use TGW as Inter-VPC's and SDDC. additionally, Also Considering a Public VIF to S3 or AWS Public Services.

  • Got it! You can create a private vif directly to VMC on AWS, migrate it and after that, you can change the architecture, to use the TGW, just take care about Routing Tables. For VMC, you can also use HCX using Internet to migrate, instead of DX with TGW.



We have several blog posts that address hybrid connectivity scenarios for multiple VPCs across multiple accounts. See the example topology in the Hybrid Connectivity whitepaper:

This blog post also explains AWS Direct Connect Integration with VMware Cloud on AWS

I hope this helps

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