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How to fix the error Failed to connect to your instance?


Unable to connect the instance after restarting the server by using the command sudo systemctl reboot. When I'm trying to login into the instance using EC2 Instance Connect it is failing to make the connection to the instance and throwing an error

We were unable to connect to your instance. Make sure that your instance network settings are configured correctly for EC2 Instance Connect. For more information, check Task 1 under the Setup EC2 Instance Connect AWS documentation.

After following the doc I have added an Inbound rule that allows inbound SSH traffic on port 22 from your IP address to the security group attached to my instance. But still, it shows the same error and also fails the Instance reachability check.

Any help in guiding me that how can I make a connection to my instance will be much appreciated.


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I am assuming this is a new instance. Did you try to check the Routing settings ? From where are you trying to access the instance ? Does it have an internet gateway attached and the routing set correctly. I am assuming NACL/SG settings are correctly set ?

Refer the link below for the pre-requisites required.


answered a month ago

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