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I am looking for AWS documents that will help me to design the architecture for dynamic App, I need to know what all services/resources are required for dynamic App in AWS. Please give your valuable inputs and share documents . Thank You!!

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Hello Monica,

Since dynamic apps could mean a lot of things, could you please qualify better what kind of app are you trying to develop?

  • It is a web application?
  • It already has a database of choice or any other technologies set up as well?

I ask because a dynamic app is a very broad category, could mean a simple SPA (single page application) in React or a multi tenant application backed by Kubernetes and so on. Meanwhile you could check this prescriptive guidance document on Cloud design patterns, architectures, and implementations.

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answered 6 months ago
  • Hello Ibrahim, Currently it's not a web app but mobile app on iOS and Android However future scope is to being a web app and integrate existing mongoDB Can you please advice what all services/resources we can use and other information that help us in building the design and architecture. Thanks!!


Currently it's not a web app but mobile app on iOS and Android However future scope is to being a web app and integrate existing mongoDB

In this case, you may want to use the BFF pattern. BFF stands for Backend For Frontend. Since you already have the database, you can just create an BFF between your data and the client.

[...]1) the Backends for Frontends (BFF) pattern, where applications have one backend per user experience, instead of having only one general-purpose API backend; and 2) the Publisher–Subscriber (pub/sub) pattern, where microservices announce events to multiple interested consumers asynchronously, without coupling the senders to the receivers. When combined, these two patterns allow frontend clients to load UI-ready data projections and to refresh the UI with event-driven notifications, resulting in a high-performant near-real-time experience for end-users.

To explain the solution to both REST and GraphQL API developers, we provide two similar architecture diagrams addressing each API technology.

You can read here about this pattern. In the post there are reference architectures and more links to explore. If this help you in any way consider accept this answer.

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answered 6 months ago
  • Sure, i will go trough and accept.

  • As we already have a Database but if in case we do not have database then what needs to be done? Can you please explain?

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