Bottlerocket AMI for EKS is missing nfs (/sbin/mount.nfs) -


Dear AWS,

I was starting a POD on a Bottlerocket (x86, latest 1.4.0-42360701) Node. Yes, the AWS NFS driver is installed in my cluster. The POD could not start because it could not mount the nfs (it is missing /sbin/mount.nfs). Using the latest Amazon Linux (x87, latest 1.21.5-20211109) did work as expected.

I hope this helps. Wanted to give Bottlrocket a try - no success yet ;-).



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Hello there,

Thanks for reaching out to us. For Kubernetes, Bottlerocket supports any spec compliant CSI driver, including the EBS, EFS, and FSx CSI drivers. Looks like the NFS CSI driver is still in alpha?

Bottlerocket is a minimal OS, so we are extremely careful about what gets added as part of our base image. Adding NFS userspace entities to the host would increase surface area of the operating system.

You can follow the corresponding issue on our github repo: We'd also be more than happy to talk about your use case further and see how we can help you.


answered 3 years ago

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