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/Fargate cost allocation tags not showing up in cost explorer/

Fargate cost allocation tags not showing up in cost explorer


I have two issues I'm running into with Fargate billing.

  1. I have tagged my cluster, and my task definitions using the Tag Editor. Some of the tags have shown up in the Cost allocation tags view within billing, but some have not. Do I need to wait some time for them to show here to be able to activate them?
  2. I've activated the tags that did show up, but when I look in cost explorer, there are no tags available for partitioning my costs.

Just now I have tagged my ECS Fargate service using my cloud formation template. This isn't possible through the tag editor, so I thought I'd try this and see if that makes a difference. I am aware I need to wait 24 hours for this to show in cost explorer though.

Any ideas on getting these tags to show up in the cost allocation view or cost explorer?

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Accepted Answer

Cluster costs 0$ and so do Task Definitions, so it is expected you won't see any costs for these.

As for your tasks (i.e the Fargate containers), you need to make sure that the tags propagation to the tasks is set to either the service tags or the task definition tags. See

Hope this helps,

answered 19 days ago

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