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/No available process when using GameLiftLocal/

No available process when using GameLiftLocal



I've started getting this error when calling aws gamelift create-game-session for GameLiftLocal

"ERROR || - [GameLiftHttpHandler] Thread-36 - No available process."

This is the full command I'm using. Previously this hasn't given me any issues:

aws gamelift create-game-session --endpoint-url http://localhost:9080 --maximum-player-session 8 --fleet-id fleet123

Any ideas why this would suddenly give me issues? Have tried restarting my PC multiple times.

asked 4 months ago33 views
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Accepted Answer

Hey Uskie,

Have you made any changes to your game code? As a reminder, you should make sure that the game server calls the Server SDK functions InitSDK() and then ProcessReady()` so that GameLiftLocal knows it can start a GameSession.

Does this error pop up every time you try and start a game session? You should expect to see this error when trying to create a second game session per process (since GameSessions and game server processes are 1:1). You can always start up another server process if you want to create multiple game sessions.

GameLift Local Docs:

answered 4 months ago
  • You are right! I feel silly - I made a change to my code, and InitSDK was never being called. I guess the error message threw me off. Thank you!

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